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Adress Casa Suerte 


Carrer Berna 18, 17251 Calonge. Girona

If there is anything during your rental period, please contact Alvent initially. For information about local services such as taxi, doctor, etc., please see the button below.

Alvent phone Alvent information
Wifi code

Name:Casa suerte
Password: September1967


For general inquiries about the house or if there are any issues, you can call or contact Al Vent via WhatsApp at the following numbers: Al Vent: +34 972 65 21 19 (phone) or +34 607 575 434 (phone or WhatsApp).


Jaron visits twice a week to clean the pool and maintain the garden. You can approach him with general questions, as he is Dutch. He has the key to the garden gate, so you don’t have to wait for him, and he won’t enter through the house. The pool lighting automatically turns on and off at night, along with the lights in the garden and on the terrace.


Girona is a 30-minute drive to and from the house. It is a fairly quiet and lovely small airport where everything is easily accessible and well-organized. Girona Airport is only open during the peak season from April to September.

Barcelona Airport (El Prat) is larger and a bit more challenging to reach. Always keep in mind that if you’re driving, it will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours due to the need to pass through the center of Barcelona.

Please be aware that during the baggage screening process in Spain, you may need to remove items from your bag, such as food and drinks, electronics, etc.

Girona airportBarcelona Airport
Car rentals

If you want to rent a car at the airport, you can do so with well-known rental companies like Avis or Goldcar. We recommend Firefly if you prefer to rent directly. You can also use intermediaries like Rentalcars or Carrentals. Intermediaries provide a quick overview of different options, and the insurance is often cheaper. However, please be aware that the rental company may still try to sell you additional insurance at the counter, claiming that it cannot be arranged through the intermediary. This can sometimes be done aggressively. Stand your ground and don’t let yourself be persuaded. The insurance provided by the intermediary is a reimbursement insurance, which means any damages will be deducted from the deposit but can be claimed back later through the intermediary. With insurance from the rental company, damages are simply paid, and a deposit is not necessary, but it is more expensive.

Good to know:
Toll roads have been abolished. There are strict rules regarding what is allowed or not allowed in the car, such as having your arm out of the window, driving with flip-flops, or being shirtless. Familiarize yourself with the rules beforehand. The police are very strict about enforcing them and often conduct checks.


You can collect the keys from Alvent at Avinguda Catalunya, 19, 17252 Sant Antoni de Calonge. They will take care of your registration and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
We will ensure that the beds are made, and there will be towels available in the bedrooms for showering/washing as well as for the pool/beach. It’s convenient to occasionally wash the towels yourself during your stay. A washing machine is available.

The same applies to bed linen for longer stays. Simply remove them in the morning, wash them, hang them up, and they will be dry within an hour, especially if you use the washing machine’s spin cycle at 1400 revolutions per minute, as it will come out almost dry.


We have two alarm systems in the house, one of which we use when we are away for an extended period. The alarm system available for you as a tenant to use when you leave is located at the front door, in the lower cabinet (touchpad).

When departing, press the “Away” icon, followed by the code: 17251, and press OK.
Upon returning, press the “Home” icon, followed by the code: 17251, and press OK.


The front of the house and the very back of the garden (behind the pool) are equipped with security cameras for safety purposes. These cameras are not focused on areas where you, as a tenant, would be staying.

Away from home

When leaving the house, it is important to close all doors and windows to prevent potential break-ins and to protect against strong winds. If you are away for more than a day, we kindly ask you to close the shutters and activate the alarm. This is not necessary for quick errands and such.


The interior lighting can be easily controlled via the wall switches. The outdoor lighting (lamps on the pillars) can be operated via the electronic switches on the terrace. The lights above the terrace, garden lighting, and pool lighting automatically turn on at sunset and switch off at 1:00 a.m. at night.


The TV is equipped with the apps NLZiet with all Dutch channels, Netflix, and Videoland. Please note when watching Netflix that not all series available in the Netherlands can be seen in Spain, and Dutch subtitles are not available everywhere.


A bit of music is not a problem and sometimes playing it loud is not either. However, keep it appropriate and ensure that it’s not always on full volume! Also, take into account the neighbors and other people nearby who are there for their peace. Keep it a bit quiet outside after 10:00 PM (even if you decide to go to the pool late).
Inside, we have two Sonos speakers that you can control via Spotify over Wi-Fi. Also, be aware that in Spain, families often get together on the weekends and therefore produce a bit more noise.


In Spain, there are waste disposal points along the road. You can separate the waste into plastic and general waste. Although waste separation is practiced in Cabanyes, it may not be entirely clear what and when to dispose of, and the waste bins may be small. It is most practical to take your waste with you when you go grocery shopping or to the beach and dispose of it in the waste containers located in Sant Antoni de Calonge or Playa d’Aro at various locations along the road. Alternatively, you can bring your waste to the municipal waste facility (Deixalleria) in Calonge, located in the industrial area behind the YOU88 supermarket.


Tap water is safe to drink in Spain, although it may have a chlorine taste. Whether you find it pleasant to drink is subjective. However, it is common for people to purchase bottled water from supermarkets, available in regular or large bottles at affordable prices.


It may take some time to get hot water in Spain. Similar to other aspects of daily life in Spain, hot water may also take a bit longer to reach the desired temperature. Therefore, it’s important to turn on the tap and check the temperature before getting under the water to ensure it’s suitable for you.

Clos D’Agon 
Taste Wine

In Spain, there are many wine regions. The most well-known ones, like Rioja and Rueda, are familiar to most people as the regions where Tempranillo and Verdejo grapes are primarily cultivated. However, there are many other lesser-known regions as well. Calonge is located in the Emporda region, known for its wines that derive their flavors from the unique combination of different soils, the Tramontana wind, and the Mediterranean Sea. In the region, there are various wineries where you can embark on a wine tour.
In Calonge, we have around 13 wineries, most of which are small and artisanal, run by local winemakers. However, only two of them carry the D.O. Emporda designation, which signifies quality and origin recognition. One of these two stands out for us, and that is Clos d’Agon. It is a relatively small winery, but one that prioritizes quality. This is evident when you look at their facilities, which are on par with the best wineries in Spain. If you are a lover of good wine, it is definitely worth visiting Clos d’Agon.

Keep in mind that while wines in Spain, especially in supermarkets, are relatively affordable, at Clos d’Agon, you will pay a bit more. After all, quality is their top priority, and due to their relatively small annual production, it is also quite exclusive.
We highly recommend visiting Clos d’Agon to hear the story behind it, learn about its history, the process from harvest to bottling, and get a behind-the-scenes look. Additionally, you can combine this with a tasting of their amazing wines.

You can make an appointment for a tasting via On the reservation page, you can also get a 10% discount on the tasting and a 10% discount on wine when ordering at least a case of 6 bottles using the code “CasaSuerte2023”.

Good Food

Do you like fish or meat? Do you fancy something exclusive or just a quick and tasty bite?

Spain is a culinary country par excellence. In every street, there are one or more restaurants where you have an incredible amount of choice. You can get a lunch menu in many restaurants for €13-€15 with 3 courses including wine, or have an extensive meal in the evening generally at better prices than in the Netherlands. We have a number of places we like to visit. These are not the cheapest but certainly excellent and fun to book at least once during your vacation.

Can Roquet
This restaurant is located at a beautiful location a few hundred meters high in Romaniá de la Selva where Maitre Ken and Chef Donald serve you a delicious and above all beautifully presented à la carte meal. You can speak Dutch because both gentlemen are from Antwerp. Do reserve in time as they are very popular and therefore quickly fully booked.

La Taverne del Mar
La Taverne del Mar is an excellent restaurant where the fish is particularly good. In addition, it is located on the beach of Platja de Pol in S’Agaro, an exclusive spot in Sant Feliu de Guixols with many restaurants on the boulevard and many exclusive houses. The restaurant is internationally oriented and the Maitre Jauma also speaks Dutch.

Restaurant Els Tinars
Do you want to dine exclusively in a very special ambiance? Then Els Tinars is a good choice. This restaurant has had a Michelin star for many years (which is really more affordable in Spain than in the Netherlands) and is definitely worth a visit. It is located on the C31 from Calonge just past Santa Christina d’Aro.

Of course, you can also grab a bite to eat at many places on the boulevard of Sant Antoni de Calonge, as well as in Playa d’Aro along the boulevard or in Playa d’Aro itself combined with an evening of shopping. In Playa d’Aro you can visit Lounge restaurant Friends on the boulevard, where Dutch dishes are also on the menu and is run by Dutch people, or restaurant Don Quichot where you can enjoy delicious grilled meat. Furthermore, if you want to eat simply, yet good and cozy for a fair price, for example, Enjoy it in the main street of Playa d’Aro is an excellent choice.

Great things to do!


In the surrounding villages, there are regular markets. For an overview, consult the Alvent website.


There are several hiking trails along the coast. The smugglers’ path, which starts in S’Agaro (to the left of Taverne del Mar) and runs between the sea and the urbanization of S’Agaro to Playa d’Aro, is recommended. It is a walk of about 45 minutes there and 45 minutes back.


There is a lot to see in the area. For example, you can visit Barcelona or Girona, both cities with a rich culture, or the Salvador Dali museum in Figueras. There is actually too much to mention. Under the coffee table in the house, there is a booklet with many tips.


In Playa d’Aro (exit Playa d’Aro Nord), there is a water park with many slides, fun for spending a day with children.

For the ladies!

If you feel like shopping, Playa d’Aro is a great city for that. Palamos also has very nice, cozy streets with many possibilities.

Sun, Sea, Beach!

Along the coast, there are various beaches, small, intimate, sometimes rough beaches, or extensive cultivated beaches. Think of S’Agaro, Sant Antoni de Calonge/Palamos, or Playa d’Aro.