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Would you like to make a reservation immediately? You can do so via the menu below. After creating your reservation, we will contact you to finalize it.
We enjoy sharing our house and would like to know who will be using it.

We take good care of the house and the neighborhood, which is why we would like to have some contact.
Unfortunately, we do not allow groups of young people only in our house.
Pets are allowed upon discussion.

Bed linen and towels are provided (at no extra cost).

Please note! The reservation is not yet final. We will contact you first.

Payment and Cancellation Policies

Confirmation of the reservation: To confirm your booking, you’ll need to pay 30% of the total rental fee along with the full amount of the security deposit. Once these payments have been received, your reservation is considered final and secured.
Balance payment: The remaining 70% of the rental fee is due at least one month prior to your arrival date. Failure to complete this payment on time may risk the cancellation of your reservation.
Cancellation policy:

Up to 1 month before arrival: If you cancel your reservation up to 1 month before your arrival date, you will be relieved of 70% of your rental fee, effectively losing the 30% initial payment. However, you will be fully refunded the security deposit.
Less than 1 month before arrival: If the cancellation occurs less than one month before the arrival date, unfortunately, you will not receive a refund, meaning the full rental fee is due and will not be returned. The decision on the return of the security deposit may depend on the specific circumstances of the cancellation.

Government interventions: In the exceptional case where the reservation needs to be canceled due to government orders (like travel restrictions or lockdown measures due to a pandemic), you will receive a full refund of all payments made.
Remember, these policies are designed to provide a fair compromise between the rights of the guests and the property owner. It’s always recommended to consider travel insurance to cover any potential losses due to unforeseen cancellations.